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    How will you know if Facebook is working for your business?

    Posted on by Linked2Success

    As Michelle and I apply our knowledge and use of LinkedIn to Facebook, it is becoming increasingly clear to us that the two are very different platforms in terms of creating engagement.

    The biggest challenge you’re likely to come up against with Facebook is trying to get your ‘Fans’ to engage with your Page – As we have found ourselves, it’s a case of trial and error in the early days until you get the mix right.

    So, what do you need to be aware of if you’ve decided to consider Facebook as part of your marketing and business development strategy? Firstly, evidence suggests that a massive 90% of people do not return to a business page once they’ve ‘liked’ it.

    That last statistic should be enough to frighten most people away from ever considering using Facebook as part of their social media mix. However, further studies show that those who are making Facebook work for them are engaging with a quality group of people, rather than simply going for quantity.

    Building a community of Fans who like your content is crucial, so recognise who these people are and engage with them regularly – ask them to act as ambassadors for you and to recommend you to their ‘Friends’ who in turn will also become ‘Fans’ of your business page.

    How do you know what content is likely to create the right level of engagement?

    Use Facebook’s analytics tool ‘Insights’. You need at least 30 fans then Insights kicks in.

    Insights provides you with a wealth of useful metrics but which are the most important? Mari Smith suggests you consider the following: 1) ‘Unsubscribes’ where fans have chosen to hide your content, possibly because you’re posting too frequently and they cannot see content from their other friends; 2) ‘Unlikes’- these are people who have left your site completely and 3) Engagement – the number of post comments and likes you are attracting.

    Making your page likeable is vital, if Facebook is going to work for your business. There is no set recipe either, so monitor your Insights data frequently and amend your content as often as is necessary until you see the level of engagement with your fans increase.

    Have a great rest of your week

    Best wishes


    Steve Phillip helps businesses to create sales strategies to grow their client base through social media

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