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    Forget Social Media

    Posted on by Linked2Success

    Forget social media.

    That’s right….that’s what we tell our clients here at Linked2Success.

    So why would a company who exist to help businesses get to grips with social media tell you to forget it?

    The reason is simple: In order to create a social media strategy, you first need to decide what you want to achieve with it. Yet social media is just a tool to help you network & communicate with the right people. So where do you start?

    Forget social media. First simplify your business plan. Where do you want to be in three months, six months, a year,  two? What size businesses will you be working with? Where are they? Who are the decision makers? What will you say to them, offer them?

    Then translate your simplified business plan into social media activity.


    Who are the decision makers within your ideal client businesses? Or who are the people in your network you could engage with to introduce you to these people? Deciding on this will form the core of your networking strategy on social media.


    How are you going to engage with your ideal clients? Which tools are you going to use? LinkedIn connections, advanced search, LinkedIn groups? If you are going to use Twitter, what’s your plan for building followers? Facebook pages – how are you going to get people to ‘like’ them?


    What do you say to them once they are listening? How are you going to promote your expertise without being overtly ‘salesy’? Do you blog, use whitepapers, YouTube video? How do you produce engaging materials & get your audience to know, like & trust you? This should form the core of your content strategy on social media.

    You have to start somewhere with any plan. Social media can seem overwhelming….you can do a million & one things, but should you?

    We suggest not at first, if ever. Keep it simple.

    First of all….forget social media.


    Happy to connect on LinkedIn to mutually grow our networks–

    ‘Add Michelle to your network’  – Just use my email address and say that we are friends…..

    Or follow me on Twitter –


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