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LinkedIn Generates £100K Not Once, But Twice For Intelligent Offsite

For more than 30 years Paul Bonaccorsi and his company Intelligent Offsite have provided offsite manufacturing consulting and project management support to companies in the construction industry around the globe. They are also specialists in modular building and bathroom pods.

Paul's first significant success in using LinkedIn came when he received an enquiry from Stratford Ontario, Canada and a Light gauge steel frame business, who wanted to expand and provide a Bathroom pod offering. The company's president , who is also a LinkedIn user, searched UK businesses for the phrase “Bathroom Pods” and up popped Paul's LinkedIn profile. He then sent Paul an Inmail asking him to call him.

Following an initial discussion, the president of the Canadian firm flew to London to meet with Paul and Intelligent Offsite were awarded the contract to the value of around £100k.

Lightning clearly does strike more than once, as not long after Paul was contacted once again via a LinkedIn Inmail, this time by the vice president of a large USA construction company who wanted to look at the feasibility of starting both a modular building and bathroom pod company. Paul flew to Texas (paid for by the client) and Intelligent Offsite won an on-going project to the value of around £100k again.

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